Moving Home Checklist

A Moving home checklist is essential when moving home.

Things to do prior to Removal Day:

  1. Inform banks, building society’s etc. of your new address.
  2. Inform gas, electricity and telephone companies of your new address.
  3. Inform the DVLA, insurance companies etc. of your new address.
  4. Contact the Benefits office with details of your new address.
  5. Inform doctor, dentist etc. of your new address.

Things to do on the Removal Day:

  1. Read gas and electric meters and phone through the readings.
  2. Leave all keys for the new owners and alarm codes if applicable.
  3. Leave a forwarding address for the new owners.

Important Things to do for your Removal Company on the Day:

  1. Ensure you have at least three car spaces at the front of your property so that the removal vehicle can park.
  2. Advise neighbors that a large vehicle will be in the street. This avoids any unnecessary problems with access etc.
  3. Disconnect your washing machine so that it is ready to be moved.
  4. If coming to storage ensure freezers are defrosted and appliances are all cleaned.